Kristin Cavallari’s wardrobe after the breakup is my revenge fantasy

Hell doesn’t have anger like a confident woman ready to serve, mind a breakup. Case in point: the standout outfits Kristin Cavallari wore after breaking up with her ex-husband, ex-NFL star Jay Cutler. Since Cavallari announced their divorce on Instagram in April, he has wasted absolutely no time blessing our feed with post-breakup. He looks so good that we’d class her there with Princess Diana’s legendary revenge dress (IYKYK).

Of course we’re not the only ones who noticed. “Kristin looks happier than she has been in years,” says Kelli Williams, creator of the popular podcast and IG account @lagunabiotch. “She definitely has a glow around her.” Sure, luck might be the best vengeance, but a chic ensemble with a mid-neckline doesn’t hurt either.

Click through our gallery to see how Kristin Cavallari completely destroyed the game 11 times after the breakup.

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