Keep away from these Google Play Retailer apps – well-liked downloads can REALLY value them

While Trend Micro also said, “Joker operators never seem to run out of tricks, security researchers, organizations and users should remain vigilant to detect and thwart the malware.”

“As security researchers expose hundreds of wildcard apps, malware quickly takes on a different face in the form of new apps. For this reason, users are advised to avoid downloading unnecessary apps. It is also recommended to regularly check for and unused apps Another good security practice would be to patch and update devices habitually. It would also be helpful to keep up to date with the latest research on mobile security. “

The apps highlighted by Trend Micro and McAfee have been removed from the Google Play Store. However, these dangerous downloads were installed on nearly 750,000 devices before they were removed from the Play Store.

If you managed to install any of these apps before the Play Store was banned, then you need to get rid of those programs ASAP.

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