Journey Electrical Bikes for Free: New Authorities Program to Supply Free Bikes to Tens of millions of Folks

And that’s not all.

To further promote fuel sales, the government intends to fund a grant to buy e-bikes and loan programs.

Bicycle Association Executive Director Steve Garidis said, “I still think this model has a lot going for it when it comes to introducing new people to e-bikes in an environment they may be more comfortable in trying a new activity, and which one can be a fun part of a vacation. At the tourist location, you benefit directly if short distances are shortened as a result. “

Cycling Minister Chris Heaton-Harris confirmed: “E-bikes could be hugely important in our goal of getting non-traditional groups, including the elderly and disabled, to cycle. We are establishing a national e-bike support program that could include loans, “try it out” programs, subsidies or other financial incentives by taking advantage of learning from other programs in the UK and abroad. “

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