Joshua v Pulev Free Dwell Stream: Boxing followers warned of great dangers concerned in preventing on-line

One of the biggest fights of the year is taking place tonight. Anthony Joshua meets Kubrat Pulev in front of 1,000 happy fans at Wembley Arena. It will be another classic clash with Joshua looking to add another win to his list after his comeback against Andy Ruiz Jr. last December. With all the excitement surrounding the fight and the limited number of people who can participate due to the current health restrictions, fans will be desperate for ways to tune in and not all of them will be legal.

Sky Sports Box Office will be broadcasting the fight live in the UK at a cost of £ 24.95 – that’s not exactly cheap and the high cost could lead some to opt for free streams which will no doubt pop up on the internet.

The promise to watch without paying that £ 25 fee is clearly tempting, but it carries some serious risks.

Police and FACT both warn of the dangers of opting for free illegal streams that consumers can leave open to attack by hackers, high legal fees, and even the risk of jail time.

Consumers need to be aware that clicking illegal links can give criminals access to your personal and financial information that they can use to set up other deceptive websites on your behalf and deliver malware to your device.

It is also worth remembering that during Anthony Joshua’s last fight against Andy Ruiz Jr., 30,000 illegal streams were removed from social media platforms.

This means that the boxing action can suddenly stop in the middle of the fight, leaving fans looking for another free streaming and potentially missing that knockout blow.

“Many of us have waited years to see a high-profile boxing match, and this year more people than ever will be watching from our homes as there are limited fans in the stadium,” said Detective Chief Inspector Nick Court of the division intellectual property of the City of London Police.

“This year we urge fans to ask themselves whether the risk of seeing an illegal link is worth it.

“Not only is it illegal to stream games without paying for it, but it’s unreliable and risky. You never know what malware is in the stream you’re using and the damage it will do to your device.

“Remember – watch it live, watch it legally, and don’t let your willingness to tune in to make you commit a crime.”

Along with this police warning, FACT has also issued a warning reminding those streaming illegally that they could end up in jail.

“If you access the fight by avoiding the official provider, whether it’s re-streaming on social media, a piracy site, or using a device, box or stick plugged into your TV, this is it illegal, “said the CEO of FACT. Kieron Sharp said:

“The illegal consumption of content is a criminal offense that entails a prison sentence of a maximum of five years and consequently leads to a criminal record.”

If you think these are idol threats, think again.

Back in 2017, a Bristol fan was ordered to pay over £ 16,000 in legal fees and to disclose details of the money he had made and the people he had worked with to view Sky Sports content illegally stream online.

More recently, avid fan Nathaniel Kirk nearly fell victim to a huge bill after he decided to stream Whyte v Povetkin online.

Before he knew it, an activity that was thought to be laughable with some friends soon escalated, and nearly seven thousand people were watching his stream. His access to the fight was banned and just days later he found that a spontaneous act had left him with the frightening prospect of trial

“I had no idea at the time that I was breaking the law, I just didn’t think,” said Kirk.

“It was a pointless, spontaneous idea that I thought it was going to be fun. I’m a huge boxing fan and I didn’t think what I was doing could infringe copyright or a crime. Because it was on Facebook It didn’t feel illegal and I really didn’t think it would reach that many people.

“I want others to learn from my mistake so that they are not in the position I have. I will leave the comment to the experts from now on.

“I’ve learned a lot about illegal streaming over the past few months and I’ve warned friends and family to be careful what they see online. I don’t want people to make the same mistake that I made. For anyone looking to share or stream illegal content, I’d say it really isn’t worth the risk! “

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