Jordan Alexander’s crimson carpet outfit begs the query: what if brides wore low pants?

Jordan Alexander went for that with her red carpet outfit gossip Girl Premiere. On Wednesday, the actress made a statement in a Wiederhöft bridal ensemble. If you think you’ve seen the return of low rise pants, think again. Jordan’s look takes the trend to another level. Your eyes will be instantly drawn to her detailed face mask, but take a little time to absorb the details and you will appreciate the sophistication and sexiness of her corset, suspenders, and pants.

It only seems appropriate that Jordan bring high fashion and the trends of the early ’00s together because then that’s the original gossip Girl Series premiered. Judging by the looks at the reboot we’ve seen so far, the style of the show will reflect the greatness of its creator. Something tells us that Blair Waldorf would be proud of the chic fashion risk Jordan took for the premiere – take a look at the outfit from every angle in the photos below.

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