Jill Biden’s inaugural designer shares her new assortment and her favourite picture of Jill in her gown

Markarian, an up-and-coming American brand naturally known for its high levels of playfulness, was founded by Alexandra O’Neill in 2017. Based in NYC, each piece is carefully crafted to reduce waste, while backing the fine craftsmanship of the clothing district in Vein. That’s probably what our First Lady Dr. Jill Biden pulled to the label for Inauguration Day. After all, she has used her fashion choice to signal her commitment to sustainability. But O’Neill also designed a truly remarkable coat dress for Biden in a gorgeous ocean blue tweed that came with a matching face mask. Later that evening, the President’s granddaughters, Natalie and Finnegan Biden, also wore Markarian.

“Fashion is not just about pretty clothes and glamor, it’s a huge industry that supports 180,000 jobs in New York alone.”

“I think it’s so wonderful that this government is realizing the power that their fashion choices have. Not only did Dr. Biden, Natalie and Finnegan look beautiful on inauguration day, but their American brand choice also directly supported independent workers and small businesses New York’s Garment Centers that are struggling right now. Fashion isn’t just about pretty clothes and glamor, it’s a huge industry that supports 180,000 jobs in New York alone, “Alexandra said when I talked to her about dressing Jill , the presentation, spoke of their new autumn / winter 2021 collection and the current mission of their brand.

Image Source: Getty / Alex Wong Above: Alexandra’s favorite photo of Dr. Jill Biden wearing Markarian on inauguration day.

O’Neill, who also creates bridal wear, still counts Emma Roberts’ appearance in one of her dresses in the first week she launched as one of the most memorable moments. “It was so nice to have that kind of support so early,” she said. Since then, Markarian has also become a celebrity – Jameela Jamil wore a rainbow sequin gown on her own couch for Emmys 2020, and Demi Lovato recently styled the sequin coordinates with her new pixie cut.

There’s a lot more high-octane glamor to be appreciated for fall 2021, with luxurious satin pajama style and lovely feel-good knitwear in the mix. Many of the pieces are likely to land on celebrity stylist shelves and maybe even in Dr. Hanging Biden’s closet. Scroll down to learn more from Alexandra about the greatness of Housewarming Day and learn about her current values ​​as a fashion designer with a platform that makes a difference.

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