Jill Biden has her personal Gucci second in a brown polka dot gown like Girl Gaga

Jill Biden and Lady Gaga were on the same stylish wavelength last week, bringing a particularly fashionable piece in the front and center: the brown polka dot dress. Oceans aside, the first lady and actress seemed to be of one mind in their outfits. Gaga wore her long-sleeved midi piece by Max Mara on March 11th Gucci’s house Set with Adam Driver while Jill decided to do something similar on March 9th to visit a new children’s museum on a Washington DC military base.

Although these dresses could be considered practically identical, tiny details give them away to the fraternal twins that they are. Jill’s dress, for example, has a slightly finer polka dot pattern with deeper pleats in the skirt. She changed the outfit too, opting for calf-high Stuart Weitzman boots, as well as Mizuki pearl earrings, a Cartier watch, and a floral Jonathan Cohen face mask. Due to the fact that Gucci’s house takes place in the mid-90s, Gaga’s and Jill’s contradicting styling decisions make perfect sense. Check out how Jill gave the dress her treatment in 2021 below.

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