Jennifer Lopez serves face and glamor on Attract’s 30th anniversary cowl

Something happens at Allure and we like it. It can’t be overlooked that the 2020 beauty-focused magazine didn’t spark much interest on our forums (with the exception of the amazing Hunter Schafer cover). But it looks good for 2021. Michelle Lee put the cover on living legend Pat McGrath last month to provide the content she wanted and picked Jennifer Lopez to star in the title’s 30th anniversary edition. Fresh off the cover of ELLE, the singer, actress and beauty mogul serves high glamor in the eye-catching cover image from March 2021, photographed by Daniella Midenge.


We’ll take you to the newsstand for a copy. “Oh, that’s beautiful! GORGEOUS! “Declared MON.

“Finally something good from Allure!” announced mikel.

“Impressive! Allure cleaned up nicely. Who would have thought this magazine would suddenly give us that kind of ambitious glamor?” Asked Ken Doll Jenner.

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“This is really a great cover! I love how clean it looks and it’s great to see a slightly different setup for J.Lo with this hairstyle. Great portrait and great beauty to celebrate 30 years of the magazine, very well done, ”aracic applauded.

“It’s all perfection. God, I only realized how hungry I was for glamor when I saw that, ”praised marsnoop2.

TaylorBinque was definitely impressed: “Wow, I was really blown away. They keep it clean and it’s great. It shines. “

“Wonderful! The most fabulous Allure cover I’ve seen in years … absolutely years. I love Jennifer Lopez, but that’s just amazing and I really don’t have a single complaint. I love the short hair, the statement earring, the angle, the white background, the beauty styling – everything! “Enthusiastic fashion28.

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