Ivory lace gown in an almond backyard

Today is National Almond Day. I switch between almond milk and oat milk with my coffee. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about almonds today, except I love almond plantations! My photographer texted me around this time last year telling me to meet her in Bakersfield, California to have a look. I had no idea why until she showed me a picture of a magical field that looked like spring in Japan.

It was our last shoot before the pandemic. And was one of the most spectacular backdrops I’ve ever seen. The wind in the orchards tossed petals in the air, making it almost look like it was snowing flowers. You saw a few outfits from our shoot, such as my floral wrap dress and my floral mini dress. When I heard it was National Almond Day, I thought about the photoshoot and found that I never shared these photos of my lace floral dress!

I’ve been attracted to the neckline of this ivory lace dress since we shot a beauty campaign that day. The dress has an ivory-champagne color and is therefore perfect for bridal parties. My friend wore something similar when she got married at City Hall last year (her wedding was postponed so she walked a bit more at the civil ceremony).

Since we were in the almond plantations, I brought out the ivory lace dress with my favorite floral statement earrings. Then I accented the look with champagne accessories. The padded sole of these affordable ankle strap sandals makes them surprisingly comfortable!

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