I’ve a small chest and have tried a whole lot of swimwear – these 6 fashions match one of the best

Here in sunny Los Angeles, it feels like summer never ends, which I’m not the least bit crazy about. With months left on the beach, I still buy new bikinis to improve my rotation. But not just any bikini – I look for the one that best fits my smaller chest.

While my cup size can fluctuate over the course of the month (anyone else?), I’m usually a solid 34B. There are certain styles I’ve found that really don’t look particularly great on my smaller chest, like straight-line bandeau tops and high neck swimsuits. I stand by the statement “Every body is a bikini body”, but personally I feel safest in a bathing suit when the fabric doesn’t swallow my upper half. There are six styles, in particular, I find my smaller breasts to be the best highlight. Shop them for everything from the most revealing to the least revealing styles below.

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