It ought to come as no shock that Issa Raes Converse Assortment is Hella Cool

Issa Rae’s love for sneakers has peaked: she now has her own Converse collection! The Unsure The creator, producer, and actress teamed up with Converse and designer Nicky Fulcher to create a series of kicks that will keep you hooked as you go through the day. No, really – every high-top shoe is covered with a selection of Issa’s personal favorite affirmations such as “stand by your truth”, “run with it” and “take up more space” so the sneakers are like your own encouragement on the go. “It was about empowering the next generation to stand up and do what they aspire to,” Issa said in a press release. That is a message that we can definitely get behind us.

The Issa Rae by You collection sneakers come in beige, purple, black, white or navy blue and you can customize them on the Converse website to choose which inspirational words, phrases and images you prefer. Take a close look at the fresh designs to decide what color you have in mind and count the days up with us UnsurePremiere of the fifth and final season.

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