Issa Rae is the queen of informal type at Insecure, and these outfits show it

From the moment I started looking Unsure, I was not only drawn to the relatable characters, but also waited patiently to see what Issa Rae would wear in each episode. She’s the co-creator and lead actress of the hit HBO show, and in case you need a little refresher (or you’re not already watching – what are you waiting for ?!) the show is about Issa’s life as she goes through love, career and Friendship in LA navigates.

With the fifth and final season slated to premiere on HBO on October 24th, we look back at Issa’s evolution of screen style. Overall, Issa’s wardrobe is full of pieces with bold prints and colorful patterns. There’s a ton of vintage pieces too, like old Levi’s acid-washed jeans, printed blazers, and political t-shirts.

Over the course of the seasons, we watch Issa handle her job and career goals, navigate her way through the friendship drama, and figure out her romantic life. She grows up and her style matures with her. For season three, Issa brought in stylist, consultant, and fashion industry pro Shiona Turini to take part in the show as a costume designer after working with her on a magazine shoot. Since Shiona took part in the show, we’ve seen Issa’s character wear a mix of vintage pieces with contemporary labels like Monse, Isabel Marant, and Acne Studios. It’s a style development that makes us eagerly await the fifth season. Until then, read on to repeat some of Issa’s best style moments Unsure vouch for.

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