Is Ring’s doorbell app not obtainable in the mean time? Present service and digital camera standing

Hundreds of Ring users have reported problems with the popular Video Bouncer app service today. The independent failure monitor Down Detector and Down Detector UK both reported spikes in ringdown reports. At the time of writing Down Detector UK, Down Detector UK has recorded a high of more than 800 ringdown reports, with hitting a high of around 700.

According to Down Detector stats, the main problem Ring users face is with the accompanying Android or iOS app.

While both the Ring Twitter and Ring Status accounts have recently confirmed a number of issues with the service.

The Ring UK Twitter wrote, “We are aware of a service disruption affecting rich notifications for Ring battery powered devices. Our team is working to fix the problem in order to get service back as soon as possible. “

The Ring Status website states that there are “multiple” system outages, but this affects users located on the US East Coast.

The Ring Status website also says there has been a partial outage on Ring Protect (video recording) as well as a partial outage on account email.

The iOS and Android apps for Ring are also showing degraded performance, according to the Ring Status service.

When the reported issues began to appear with the Ring app, users went to Twitter to report the issues they were facing.

One tweeted, “I’m currently on vacation and I feel very vulnerable while the Ring app is down! I hope the Ring Society can roll up the app soon.”

While another posted: “@ring Looks like the app is not available.” Connection error could not load your location “.

One added: “@Ring seems like an outage is going on in the UK – neither can I sign in or access devices or access the dashboard in the app or website”.

And another wrote: “@Ring I can’t access my app at all, so I can’t turn off the alarm and should have left my house by now!

“Still waiting for someone to pick up the phone. contacted Ring for a comment on the reported app issues users are facing today.


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