Irina Shayks December 2020 cowl of Vogue Germany ‘Screams Style and Glamor’

It’s fair to say that Vogue Germany missed the mark almost all year round. Covers with Hailey Bieber, Helen Mirren, Toni Garrn and Nicole Atieno were all questionable. (Although the German fashion bible was easily redeemed last month thanks to the forum favorite Raquel Zimmermann.) The magazine is now closing 2020 with Irina Shayk. Fresh from the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia, the Russian beauty wears a sequin dress by Dolce & Gabbana in the dazzling and somewhat festive cover image of the photo duo Luigi & Iango.


The cover was immediately declared a total triumph. “Wow, the un-Vogue Germany cover and yet it works! Everything here looks so fresh and glamorous, no phrases they are known for. Stunning way to end the year. It gives me hope for 2021 ”, praised Benn98.

“Well wow, very glamorous!” announced Srdjan.

“Irina, Luigi & Iango and a strong dose of glamor are always a recipe for success,” emphasized vogue28.

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“I knew this was going to be a good one before I even opened the thread! Irina works amazingly well with Luigi & Iango (just think of the stunning cover for Vogue Japan) and this is no exception! As already mentioned, it looks so fresh and glamorous, which Vogue Germany was missing this year, ”said aracic.

Miss Dalloway showed the same enthusiasm: “Finally an attractive cover for Vogue Germany this year, wow! But of course someone as beautiful as Irina is difficult to ruin … “

“She looks beautiful! Finally a good cover for Vogue Germany! “Repeated WAVES.

“At least it screams fashion and glamor,” applauded Annikad.

Irina’s accompanying cover story is an absolute must. Give it a try and join the conversation here.

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