iOS 15 brings superb new options to Apple Pockets in your iPhone, however it’s important to wait

Apple Wallet is one of the most useful apps for iOS – handy for organizing concert tickets, boarding passes, debit cards and loyalty cards. And from a few weeks, your NHS Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Though it has mostly only been tweaked in recent iOS updates, Wallet is slated to receive some major upgrades in the latest version of Apple’s operating system – iOS 15 – which will be released this fall.

Apple initially hopes to be able to replace not only paper tickets, but also physical keys. Yes, really! There are plans to make Apple Wallet compatible for homes, hotels, offices and even cars that are equipped with key digital technology.

That would mean you could open doors with just a tap on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Not only could it mean the end of the lockout, but it will be especially useful for business travelers and offices that need to regulate access. In addition, you can give friends and family temporary access – before the electronic code changes and they are locked out again. It’s like lending them a spare key, but without the hassle of thinking about picking them up again!

Car keys may have to wait a while unless you own a BMW as this is the only manufacturer that currently supports it. But in the future, you could just use your device to lock and unlock your car, open the trunk and sound the horn.

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Along with these, you get a couple of minor tweaks. Old boarding passes and event tickets are now automatically sucked out of the app. Instead of appearing in a list, they are moved to an “expired” section. There will also be an option to keep them visible.

Apple also adds the ability to download multiple passes at once – useful if you’ve bought concert tickets for a group or take the family to the movies.

Unfortunately, Apple fans in the UK and Europe have to wait for perhaps the best new feature: adding your government ID and driver’s license to the app. Never get caught buying wine in the supermarket (luckily) or forget to keep your driver’s license in the glove compartment.

However, since Apple will have to work with government agencies to implement this, it’s only coming in select US states for now – and it could take some time to roll out globally.

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