iOS 14.5 is coming quickly – is your iPhone appropriate with all of those new options?

It was a big day for Apple fans. US tech just held a major event that showcased a host of new devices, including an updated iPad that’s every bit as powerful as the latest MacBook Pro, new iMac, and AirTags gadget tracking. There was also the release of a new iPhone 12 that is getting a purple makeover. This device gave us a hint as to when iOS 14.5 will be released. The new iPhone 12 will be launched worldwide with this new operating system on April 30, 2021. This means that all users should get this iOS upgrade next week. And that seems to be confirmed by this hidden post-event announcement from Apple.

There’s no official word from Apple on an exact date, but expect more news in the days ahead.

We already know a lot about what’s in store when iOS 14.5 is finally released. Here you will find a quick guide with all new features and whether your device is compatible.


If your iPhone is already running iOS 14, you shouldn’t have any problems installing iOS 14.5. In fact, some may even find that their devices automatically update overnight once they start up. If you haven’t made the jump to iOS 14 just yet, here are all the devices that will work with this latest software.

Phone 12 • iPhone 12 mini • iPhone 12 Pro • iPhone 12 Pro Max • iPhone 11 • iPhone 11 Pro • iPhone 11 Pro Max • iPhone XS • iPhone XS Max • iPhone XR iPhone X • iPhone 8 8 iPhone 8 Plus • iPhone 7 • iPhone 7 Plus • iPhone 6s • iPhone 6s Plus • iPhone SE (1st generation) • iPhone SE (2nd generation) • iPod touch (7th generation)

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This update contains numerous changes, including a very useful addition for anyone who has an iPhone with Face ID. The face masks we are all supposed to wear now have taken a toll on Apple’s security feature as devices simply cannot be unlocked while wearing these vital covers while shopping.

With Apple’s Face ID technology requiring a clear view of the owner’s facial features to function, this has become a massive problem for iPhone users.

Fortunately, iOS 14.5 brings a solution. Anyone who happens to wear an Apple Watch will soon have an easy way to unlock their phone while wearing a mask.

If there is face recognition on your face, it will immediately connect to Apple Watch. When the device is fully unlocked and on your wrist, the iPhone’s screen will automatically unlock.

The moment the two devices are disconnected, this unlocking method no longer works with a code or a full Face ID verification, which is then required.

Aside from fixing this rather irritating Face ID face mask issue, Apple is adding another major change in iOS 14.5 with the introduction of a feature called App Tracking Transparency. This change requires all third-party apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store to obtain user permission before they can track their data across apps or websites from other companies.

In the Settings menu, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users can see exactly which apps have requested permission to track and simply turn them off.

Apple wants users to take control back and hopes this update will help iPhone and iPad users understand what is happening to their data.

Other nice additions include some new emojis with Apple that bring skin tone variations for kissing couples and couples with hearts that can be customized for gender-neutral couples, two men, two women, and women and men couples. There are also new emojis for Heart on Fire, Heart Healing, Bearded Woman, Bearded Person, Exhaling Face, Face in Clouds, and Face with Spiral Eyes.

There’s also compatibility for the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, so you can use these accessories when playing games on the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Apple will be announcing everything from 6pm tonight and will bring you all the news from this Spring Loaded launch event live.

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