Instagram is down: Firm confirms that the bug has broken the iPhone and Android app for THOUSANDS

To update: Instagram has finally addressed the current issues. The company released an update on the issues affecting thousands of users, confirming that there are currently issues with Instagram and that it is difficult to work on a solution. The full statement posted on Twitter reads, “Is your #instagramdown? We know some people are having problems right now. We’re working on it and hope it goes smoothly as soon as possible.”

The Instagram app isn’t working for you right now? Don’t worry it is not your phone … or your home WiFi connection. Tens of thousands of frustrated Instagram users have problems with the popular iPhone and Android app. Instagram fans flooded competing social networks like Twitter to complain about the problems with the photo service when it went offline in the UK, Europe and the US at around 10:25 p.m. ET tonight (April 8, 2021).

Instagram users were unable to update the main feed or post new photos or videos. In the Instagram app, when you drag down on the main screen, which usually updates your feed with the latest posts from accounts you follow, it currently only returns a “Failed to update feed” error message. Instagram has not offered any further explanation for the problems.

The problems with Instagram seemed to be linked to similar issues that suffered from other Facebook features, including the Messenger chat app. Facebook’s main social network isn’t working for thousands around the world either. It’s unclear exactly what is behind the mass outage that hit Instagram users in the UK, mainland Europe and parts of the US. However, some users are told on Facebook that this has to do with “Error Code 1”.

DownDetector, an independent website that monitors online services performance by tracking reports of social media issues, has captured thousands of complaints from Instagram users. Within minutes of the initial reports, more than 50,000 people flooded social media with complaints about the problems with Instagram. Using the geolocation data associated with these tweets, DownDetector can determine the location of those reporting the problem. It showed users across the UK who were affected by the problem.

More will follow. Please update this article for the most current information …

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