Instagram DOWN: Tens of millions can not replace their feed, ship messages, or view tales

Millions of Instagram users have been left offline – unable to update their feeds to review new photos from accounts they follow, unable to view Instagram Stories or Reels, and unable to send direct messages. Instagram has confirmed that there are problems around the world. The social media service – one of the most popular in the world – is owned by Facebook. In addition to Instagram, a number of other Facebook services have gone offline, including WhatsApp and the Facebook social media app.

Instagram didn’t tell ETA when things will be fixed. The persistent outage statement said, “Instagram and friends are having a bit of a tough time right now and you may have trouble using it. Be patient, we’re on it!”

Since WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are all owned and operated by the same company, it is likely that the ongoing issues are located on their servers – or code – and are not part of a global attack on communications networks. It also means that it is unlikely to be a problem for the services that host many of the world’s leading websites and services.

There have been around 30,000 reports of problems logging into accounts and sharing pictures and messages, according to DownDetector, which is tracking outages.

From what has been shared so far, Instagram is not working on the popular app on phones or the desktop and mobile website versions. Those affected by the Instagram outage shared details with a user: “We don’t have to write where it’s down because it’s all down …

Another adds: “I thought my phone was broken! I restarted my phone, turned airplane mode on and off, turned my data off and on again. I thought what was wrong with my phone. “

This is breaking news, please update the website for the most current information available …

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