Instagram down once more at this time: Why is not Instagram working?

Instagram stopped working again tonight, leaving thousands of users unable to take advantage of its core functionality.

This includes almost everything, with Instagram currently experiencing a major small-scale feature failure.

Thousands of reports are coming in pointing to a failure in parts of the United States and Europe.

It should be noted, however, that this is to a lesser extent than the previous Instagram issues that lasted almost an hour.

The good news is that while we don’t know why Instagram is down again, we do on a smaller scale, meaning it will likely be down for a shorter period of time.

An affected user wrote: “My Instagram is totally down. Can’t load a feed, can’t see my story or posts, my followers and followers can’t be loaded either. I can’t even upload my own profile.”

Another adds, “The feed could not be updated, but I can post and upload stories. From Herzliya, Israel.”

More news is expected to be shared from Instagram if the issues continue or grow in size tonight.

Tonight’s new issues with the messenger and video service have not been listed on the official downfall page and currently offer advice on deleting comments and accessing different areas of the app.


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