In the event you’re receiving this e-mail from Virgin Media, it means dangerous information about your broadband invoice


If an email from Virgin Media lands in your inbox this week, do well not to ignore it. Britain’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) announced plans to raise prices for millions of broadband and phone customers earlier last week, and now many are finding out exactly how much more they’ll soon be paying.

Virgin Media has said the average increase for its users will be around £4.70 a month, but every contract is different so some will see a bigger increase while others will pay a little less.

An email viewed by shows a Virgin Media customer’s bill increasing by £3.25 a month, similar to last year’s launch, however another user posted a message on Twitter showing the reveals his contract will be extended by a whopping £5.75.

In the email, Virgin says: “We know that a price increase is never welcome, but it’s important that we continue to invest in our technology. That means you can keep doing the things you need to do—and love to do—across all your devices. To help us continue this work, the price of your package will increase by £3.25 per month from March 1st. Over the last year we’ve been working hard to give you a better experience with us, improving our networking capabilities and fixing bugs, but we don’t stop there.”

The increase will come into effect on March 1, 2022.

If you are unhappy with the changes, Virgin offers the option to cancel or switch to a new plan without incurring a penalty. This must be done before February 2nd.

“We hope that you will continue to enjoy your services with us,” the email continued. “But if you wish, you can change or cancel your package at any time before 11/02/2022 without paying cancellation fees. Visit to learn more.”

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