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Before 2020, many of us would never try to cover up our own grays or tint our own eyelashes. How have things changed! Now we know we don’t have to spend a lot of money every month on luxury goods that we once thought were essential. Especially when there are so many great Root Touch Up and Home Gloss products in the home.

Now we’re not saying you can skip the salon. We just point out that there are products that can help you bridge the gap between appointments.

Colorists often tell their clients not to touch their hair color. “To wear a hat!” “Put your hair in a ponytail, but under no circumstances try to do it your own color.” We have heard both sentences countless times. But you can tackle sprouting grays, brown roots peeking through blonde locks, or hair that is just plain frizzy and dull with certain root touch up and home shine products.

We reached out to some leading hair experts and asked them to share their favorites.

  • “The quickest way to cover your roots is with Aloxxi Instaboost Conditioning Color Masque. I love using it on dry hair, letting it sit for five minutes and then rinsing it off. It drastically tones the root to the color you want. Or I ask customers to do so. ” Apply up to three applications at the same time in the shower to mix the roots. This works best when you need to distribute shades of gray, darken your root, or slightly shift the tone of a darker root to lighter. “-Michael Dueñas, hairdresser and creative director of Aloxxi

  • “For shine, I grab my Aloxxi Bombshell Shine Mist right away. It’s incredibly light, protects against harmful blue lights, and can be layered over other products. Beyond the shine, it helps fight frizz and flyaways.” -Michael Dueñas

  • “We designed Truhair Color & Lift to be easy to use: brush it on and the gray is gone! In addition, it’s formulated with thickening fibers to enable multitasking. It’s a root touch-up and volumizer in one, and it’s great great for active people as it stays in until you shampoo it. “-Chelsea Scott, hair care professional and founder of Truhair

  • “My all-time favorite solution when you can’t get into a salon is Revlon Root Erase. This touch-up is super quick and easy, and I love that you don’t have to be an expert on hair colors that seamlessly get to the gray root in minutes Adjust the rest of your hair! “-Chelsea Scott

  • “Do you need a shiny shine? Oribe Featherbalm Weightless Styler is the ultimate top coat for your hair, even if it’s baby-fine. It buffers frizzy hair and makes it smooth and silky!” -Chelsea Scott

  • “Maintaining shiny hair depends on good habits, a good diet and also good products. Regular pillowcases can cause rubbing on your strands, damaging the hair and appearing dull. So I recommend a silk pillowcase like Slip’s too What you consume can have an impact too, so be sure to have fish oil, coconut oil capsules, order that avocado toast, use rich olive oils, and make that alfredo sauce – your locks will thank you. “-Brittany Gharring, hairdresser

  • “Style Edit Touch Up Spray literally does it all. This temporary root spray instantly hides grays or unwanted regrowth between salon visits. It’s sweat and rain resistant, but will wash out with your next shampoo.” -Brittany Gharring

  • “Color Wow Root Cover Up is one of my favorite root concealers that not only covers grays and dark roots, but also refreshes highlights, thickens and perfecting thinning hairlines.” -Brittany Gharring

  • “I love Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray. Depending on the shade, it has a buildable pigment that you can use to improve matte colors between visits to the stylist. It is transfer-, weather- and sweat-resistant and comes in a cute aerosol can that is accurate to the point.” Actuator nozzle to put it exactly where you want it. “-Brittany Gharring

  • “IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray – the name really explains everything. Let’s give these strands more of what they need for shine … Protein! Spirulina protein strengthens and nourishes and at the same time shortens the drying time, protects against Moisture and UV radiation damage and promises 24 hour frizz control and more shine. “-Brittany Gharring

  • “Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine is a great finishing mist. Hair oils and mist are a staple in my kit. I love starting with wet strands to infuse into cuticles that add lasting shine and keep strands going moisten. ” -Brittany Gharring

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