In case your Sky Q field is lacking these new options, a repair is ​​on the best way this week

Earlier this month, Sky announced another blockbuster upgrade for its Sky Q-Box that brings a host of new features. While some customers have already received the update on their set-top box, some are still missing out on the latest tricks from Sky. Since there’s no way to manually upgrade your Sky Q-Box, you’ll have to wait for Sky to roll out the upgrade on your kit overnight. Fortunately, that will finally happen in the next few days.

A feature-rich upgrade for millions of households is quite a monumental task, which is why Sky is gradually upgrading its set-top boxes. This industry-wide practice also means that problems with the update can stop the rollout before, for example, every single Sky Q subscriber no longer has a work box.

If you haven’t received the latest feature drop from Sky, don’t panic as the satellite company promises that every customer will get the upgrade by Friday April 30th, 2021.

What’s new with Sky and how is it changing the experience?

Perhaps the biggest news is that Sky has finally fixed one of the most annoying things about using Disney + on the platform. Anyone who’s ever tried using Disney + on Sky Q will know how frustrating it is right now. Unlike Netflix, which is fully integrated with Sky Q so you can find shows and movies with the same voice search, Disney + and all of its content is buried in the app itself.

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Another key change in this new update is improving Sky Q’s accessibility features. Sky has made voice guidance more intuitive, making it much easier for customers to navigate Sky Q’s TV programming, menus, show centers, collections, and on-screen messages for those with visual impairments.

Simply activate the voice guidance by saying “voice guidance on” or “voice guidance off” on your Sky Q voice remote control. Once started, you’ll hear spoken descriptions of the menu you’re navigating, the option you’ve selected, and how to easily get to your favorite shows and movies.

There’s also a new high-contrast mode that changes the screen from Sky’s iconic blue colors to dark gray for easy reading.

Commenting on the changes, Fraser Stirling, Sky’s Group Chief Product Officer, said, “Today is another big moment for Sky Q as we introduce exciting new voice capabilities. With Disney + ‘s integration with voice search, it’s now much easier to find more of what you love, and the addition of voice guidance to our accessibility offering helps create an even better experience for all Sky Q customers to accomplish. “

If you haven’t discovered these new tricks by April 30th, something seems to have gone wrong with your Sky Q box. Since Sky claims that every box across the country will have the update downloaded and installed by the end of April, it may be worth calling customer support to find out why you’re missing out on the latest update.

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