I’m a purse purchaser and these standard designer baggage are nicely value it

Buying a designer bag is equally exciting and stressful. It’s an accessory that can be worn over and over again (hello, cost-per-wear!), But there’s no denying that when the credit card charge hits your account it can be a hit in the pit of your stomach. If you wish to have a handbag fairy to help you decide which styles are worth checking out, you’re in luck. We hired Victoria Slane, designer and luxury handbag buyer at Nordstrom, to provide some insight. Who better to help you than someone who literally buys bags for a living?

“When choosing a range, I like to ask myself: Who is the customer for it? Where do you wear it? Do you want to pull it out every day or season after season? ”Slane tells who wears what. (Yes a quantity of the decisions go into the marketing of this beautiful handbag department.) But she says one thing is non-negotiable: “Spending money on an item should be based on what it means to you, “says Slane.” Whether it’s a tried and tested bag that has been around for years or a brand new designer bag on any influencer’s arm, if it works, you are happy and you will wear it and enjoy it, it is a good investment. “

If you’re still unsure of where to start, Slane shares 20 styles that hold a special place in their hearts, from current it bags to all-time classics. “Bags that harmonize iconic elements such as silhouette, hardware or branding details with emotional elements such as strong colors or interesting workmanship are the perfect balance for me,” she says. Keep scrolling for some of their under $ 300 tips. “Since what constitutes ‘investment’ varies from person to person, the most important factors are that the bag works for your life and makes you happy when you carry it,” she explains. “That’s more important than whether a bag is popular or not.”

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