If you use Fb and Messenger, your passwords might be in danger

This hyperlink points to a fake Facebook Messenger login page where usernames and passwords are stolen.

The threat was highlighted by Singapore-based cyber security firm Group-IB.

In an online blog post, the analysts said, “Group-IB’s DRP analysts have found scam reports targeting users in at least 84 countries around the world, including Canada, the US, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa .

“Users who have fallen victim to this system run the risk of losing their personal information and hijacking their accounts.

“Fraudsters, in turn, are likely to use the compromised account to either blackmail the victim, force them to pay a ransom to restore access to their account, or use Facebook’s profile to further enlarge the system to distribute scam reports. “

Express.co.uk has asked Facebook to comment on this latest security threat.

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