If the Notice 21 makes you cease shopping for a Samsung cellphone, now we have unhealthy information

Samsung typically launches two new flagship smartphones every year – a new entry in the Galaxy S series within the first few months of the year, followed by an updated Galaxy Note in August. The South Korean company has been following this pattern for years, allowing avid Samsung fans to plan their purchases to ensure they always get the latest and greatest handset available. However, this year will be different.

Samsung has confirmed plans to end its Galaxy Note series for this year. During the 52nd Annual General Meeting, DJ Koh, co-CEO of Samsung’s IT and mobile communications division, confirmed that a serious lack of chipsets and conflicts with existing Samsung products would make it a little more difficult to introduce a new entry to the Galaxy Note range this year . For this reason, Samsung has no plans to release a follow-up to last year’s Galaxy Note 20 anytime soon.

DJ Koh wanted to emphasize that this does not mean that the Galaxy Note series will be put on the pasture permanently. Koh assured shareholders that the Galaxy Note would return next year. However, he pointed out that the release date may not follow the pattern established in previous years.

During the Annual General Meeting, DJ Koh stated: “Galaxy Note is an important product category for us that has been loved by consumers in the world market for the last 10 years. The S Pen user experience is an area that Samsung’s mobile business has worked harder on than anyone. Their starting time may vary, but we’ll make sure we don’t let Galaxy Note consumers down. “

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When the Galaxy Note was launched in late 2011, it stood out from other Samsung smartphones with its palm-sized screen and S Pen stylus. Over time, the screen sizes have gradually increased on all smartphones – and now it’s less common to see a screen size that fits in pockets (or half the population’s hands) than one with the same dimensions that the Galaxy Note does widespread ridicule was revealed on the stage a decade ago.

With the introduction of the Galaxy S21 Ultra earlier this year, Samsung also added S Pen support to its S S series. Rumor has it that the pen will also be a major selling point for Samsung’s next foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung seems pretty firmly convinced that none of this means the Galaxy Note series will quietly close anytime soon. However, it seems possible that Samsung will merge its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series into a single, non-foldable flagship line of devices that bendable phones will take on the Note series fall release date.

For now, anyone holding back to update their old smartphone for the Galaxy Note 21’s arrival in August will have to wait another 12 months … or should instead bite the bullet and put in a Galaxy Fold or Galaxy S series handset instead take the hand.

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