I wore a brand new coiffure on daily basis for a month – here is what occurred

Doing my own hair has always been a challenge for me. In high school, I ironed it flat every day because I always believed that straight hair was nicer. Unfortunately, this caused irreversible heat damage and ultimately breakage. I started wearing woven fabrics and when that got too expensive I decided to go natural.

I’m pretty happy to be a diaper these days, and contrary to what people think of me, I haven’t put a lot of effort into changing my hairstyle in the past decade. I’ve been wearing a curly afro for years and I’ve always loved it more. But don’t get me wrong – my relationship with my “Do” has involved a lot of trial and error. I’ve broken countless hair clips and tried every product and fad you can think of. (And spent a fortune on it, may I add).

But the truth is, I’ve always struggled with hair because I’ve tied up so much of what hair looks like in my self-worth, which I’m sure many black girls can relate to. In other words, when my hair looks broken I get very confident and not dramatic, but it ruins my mood. When I heard we were doing another one, I tried Who What Wear here. I thought now was the best time to finally get fearless with my hair and try something new every day for 30 days. And with the salons currently closed, I took on an even bigger challenge by learning to do all of these styles on my own.

Keep scrolling to see all of the different hairstyles I’ve tried and don’t miss out on my favorite tips and products that kept me flying all month long.

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