I will be sporting this outdated navy bikini on the repeat, however listed here are 15 extra for giant busts

Shopping for swimsuits is not easy when you are particularly gifted in the breast department. But as someone who’s been into it for years, I can tell at first glance whether beachwear with luscious breasts could work. . . and I am here to share these findings with you.

First and foremost, the more adjustable, the better – straps, pads, buckles, backs, pretty much anywhere that can be tightened or loosened. If I can make these changes without changing the swimsuit size, that’s a good first sign. Since my cup size is much larger than my band, I find string bikini to be particularly flattering because I can choose a size that fits my cup and can make the band smaller as needed. In fact, I’ll admit that I have a 10 year old Old Navy swimsuit that I still wear, simply because the tie straps keep it fit.

I recently spotted a similar style on the website and ordered it for myself and I’m ready to get it in any color. Check out the bikini I love now, as well as 15 other swimsuits, including one-pieces, that I would recommend to anyone taller than a D cup.

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