I took a deep dive into Zoë Kravitz’s outfits and now I would like these eight fundamentals


If anyone has mastered the art of wardrobe basics, it is Zoë Kravitz. The actress has been on my Pinterest boards and Tumblr mood boards for as long as I’ve been into celeb style, and I’m just not fed up with her simple but effortlessly cool outfits. If you’ve kept up with Kravitz, you know she shows up in New York (with boyfriend Channing Tatum, no less) in outfits that make the internet go mad – including this editor.

While Zoë Kravitz is a total vibe in 2021, a look at her recent street style inspired me to dig deep into the archives of some of her best ensembles of all time. After spending the morning going through tons of street style pictures, I decided that I need to stock up on a handful of specific basics to mimic their incredibly simple yet chic vibe. Nothing about Kravitz’s style is particularly revolutionary, but there is something so refreshing about the way she styles her wardrobe classics, and it inspires me to revisit mine.

Before you go, take a look at my list of the best Zoë Kravitz-inspired basics, complete with shopping options I will consider for everyone.

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