I struggled with extreme zits for 20 years. So I lastly did it

If you’re seriously at the end of your joke with your acne-prone skin and cross something off this list, skip blue light therapy. With the exception of isotretinoin, nothing has cleaned my skin as dramatically as blue light treatments. A newer, innovative acne treatment available in the market. I haven’t noticed yet that it has completely gone mainstream. After hearing about it from a friend of a publicist, I too was doubtful until I tried it a few years ago. Now it is seriously one of the most critical parts of my routine. Thanks to the antimicrobial effect of blue wavelengths, the emitted light effectively kills various types of pore-clogging bacteria. After one session, my breakouts literally shrank overnight, drying them up and making them a lot easier to deal with with subjects. It’s not particularly convenient because you have to sit idly with loads of flashing lights on your face, but it’s really worth it. I am a fan of Dr. Dennis Gross’s mask-like device, but there are many other affordable and equally effective options.

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