I store 7 days every week and I believe these 6 micro traits are going to get the higher of me

Most stylish folks will take their care to keep abreast of the big seasonal trends in the fashion world, but for those who are really interested in staying ahead of the curve, your focus is already on what’s bubbling underneath . Today we’re delving a little deeper into our favorite pastime of trend spotting to talk about the under-the-radar trends that we’ve noticed are steadily gaining traction. They’re not as common as some of the ubiquitous styles out there, but over time they are likely to be seen everywhere.

So what designs should you keep your eye on for now? Y2K style recalls, like the trucker hat, are slowly popping up in our feeds, as are subtle riffs in the huge spring cutout trend, like keyhole slits and extreme necklines that look like they’re bursting at the seams. Some of these may fall on the controversial side, but that’s fun in fashion, isn’t it? Other microtrends are also slowly and surely making waves. So get your paper and pencil ready and take note of it as we go through the smoldering trends that will boil over.

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