I simply turned 30 and cleaned out my closet – listed here are the four traits I removed

I’m trying not to go along with the idea that you should get to x, y, and z before you turn 30 – that’s just too much pressure. As for my closet, however, I felt that my milestone birthday was a good opportunity to reevaluate what I spend money on and what “doesn’t give me pleasure,” to quote Marie Kondo. Plus, the pandemic has shifted my fashion priorities in a more casual direction, so I decided to organize my wardrobe accordingly.

One thing has become clear to me lately: what I wear to run simple errands is what I should invest in the future. They are not strappy sandals, blazers with a corporate feel or impractical clutches. Instead, there are mules to take with you, loose fitting items, functional shoulder bags and other items that are similarly easy to carry. Scroll down to shop for the four main trends I got rid of after I was 30.

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