I save on nearly all of my outfits – I all the time take note of this when purchasing


Tip # 1: “I always tell people who want to do secondhand and secondhand purchases that they need to be patient. The thrift store can be overwhelming and disorganized. So if you are not patient, you will probably not be enjoying yourself. “

Tip # 2: “Throw anything that catches your eye in your shopping cart and go through it every now and then. A big thing, especially when you’re saving on your own and don’t have a second opinion, is sometimes not knowing whether something is cool and unique or just plain ugly. I put everything in my shopping cart or basket that catches my eye and as I go shopping I go through the shopping cart and look at everything. I think that helps a lot. Either I love items more or I find that I don’t like them at all. “

Tip # 3: “Have an idea of ​​what to look for in the thrift. I find it a lot nicer to go without a list in the back of your mind and just see what comes to your mind. You will be much more fortunate to find interesting pieces, though You are not fixated on finding certain items. “

Tip # 4: “A size tip in case you can’t try on pants is the neck trick. I’m sure most people already know about it, but it basically says that if the waistband of a pair of pants fits around your neck, then the pants will likely fit your waist. ”

Tip # 5: “Donate old items in advance. Many thrift stores give out coupons when you donate even one item, and given inflation and the rise in thrift prices, a 20% discount is always good if you’re not paying $ 50.” want to spend a leather jacket. “

Tip # 6: “For people who don’t like shopping in person and prefer to scroll their phone, Depop has grown into a big player in the used market over the past few years, but I’ve always been an eBay lover. I find eBay has a bigger selection of vintage items to browse and often things come at extremely low prices; if not, eBay has the listing feature to bid on items, and if you’re lucky, that The seller accepts your extremely low bid;). “

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