I really feel dizzy after the zigzag necklines on Florence Pugh’s Stella McCartney mini gown

If there’s a fashionable equivalent of champagne on ice, we’re 99 percent sure that the glittery Stella McCartney dress by Florence Puhh and matching Amina Mauddi heels ($ 1,345) with crystal embellishments she shared with during her virtual interview wore, Late night with Seth Meyers is it. Although she only popped up from the shoulders, Florence was head to toe ready for the red carpet as she advertised Black widow On Wednesday night, it was her personal New York Fashion Week debut, rocking the sparkling mini dress like on that Zoom call. Most intriguing of all were the zigzag cutouts across the chest and center section of the dress, which tied between abstract art and the latest addition to our list of “dresses we love but only dream of hanging in our closets one day” bordered.

Behind the scenes, Florence revealed that her team of “fashion elves” – including Nic Goodwin, styling assistant Rachael Perry, stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, hairstylist Dayaruci, and make-up artist Naoko Sofia Patrizia Scintu – owe it to her all along looked dazzling call. “About 6 minutes before we were called to sit in front of the laptop, I probably did something stupid and it resulted in a last-minute sweaty, insane shot with an amazing number of talented hands holding me together,” Florence captioned a post on Instagram. The madness was worth it, because our Pinterest boards will be flooded with glitter and crystals for the foreseeable future. See the Midsummer Star’s full outfit here.

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