I put on this shirt fashion all 12 months spherical and now it is tremendous stylish

If you see me anytime soon, I’ll probably be wearing a button-down shirt. But that’s hardly a groundbreaking statement because everyone else will too. Oversized button-downs are a classic, but in the past they were viewed as more of a “preppy” aesthetic. Now people incorporate them into outfits regardless of their aesthetic. For my part, that’s what I’m here for and I’ve been adding to my button-down collection lately.

Virtually every clothing brand in existence makes a version of a button-down shirt, and fashion people have become used to wearing it open and often unbuttoned over a tank top or t-shirt. It’s an effortless look that you can wear over and over again whether with jeans, shorts, dress, or skirt. Keep scrolling to see exactly how fashion girls wear them and to shop for 20 of my favorite button-down shirts that you can currently buy.

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