I principally stay in mango, zara, and H&M items – these new objects are too good

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which a member of the Who What Wear team or a friend of the brand shares the top 30 hits on their current wishlist.

Whenever I’m at Mango, Zara or H&M, I just feel at home (both in-store and online). Everyone is relatively similar, and I know my favorite areas – where I can find more nightlife items, where they put their latest items, where the cheaper items are hidden, and so on. That, if you ask me, makes me an expert on the third power. After checking my closet and realizing that I had purchased an entire summer collection exclusively from the retailers this season, I decided it was time to grab all of the glorious summer items that they reveal on their websites every day. So if you are looking for extremely chic, on-trend items under $ 200, please allow me to introduce you to these 30 items that can be added to the basket.

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