I have never worn a bra in years – here is what I put on as a substitute

When I turned 13 (and finally went through puberty) all I wanted to do was wear a bra. When I was 14, I just wanted to stop wearing a bra. I quickly learned what most of us already know – that bras are usually uncomfortable, stiff, and cut into your underbust area. The most relieving part of my day was when I finally got home and was able to pull off my bra. So I soon decided to stop wearing bras.

That brought challenges, however, as I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the idea of ​​going braless. So I decided to dip my toes in the water by flipping through several bra alternatives – all of which were certainly more comfortable than my underwire bra. If you, too, want to forego bras without sacrificing the support and shape they offer, keep scrolling to find some great bra alternatives that have made ladies (and me) happy over the years.

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