I gown up my eating desk to make the meals really feel particular – these are my favorites

Like almost everyone who breathes, I miss going to restaurants. I miss the days with sporadic lunchtime appointments with friends and meeting family over large plates of jerk chickens on Sundays. And of course there is the added convenience of not having to dirty your own dishes and cleaning them later. While most of us are becoming familiar again with our own kitchens now that food has replaced food, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a restaurant ambience.

Since preparing most of my meals at home, I’ve tried to spice things up with my collection of plates, cutlery, and drinking glasses to recreate the dining experience right at my dining table. And so far it has worked out pretty well. The cooking part still takes some getting used to (taking away lures my lazy side too often), but I can say that I really enjoy sitting at a beautifully decorated table to eat my food – even if it’s just a slice of bread . The key to setting up your table landscape is to make it a reflection of yourself. Find unique items that you love. Trust me, this makes daily meals feel all the more special and tangible. From pretty tablecloths to the quirky vases that pop up everywhere you eat, you can find it all here. Scroll down to see what I have in my online shopping cart right now.

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