I gave Sephora’s Magnificence Director my bank card and $ 400 funds – her decide right here

I am the most curious person when it comes to other people’s beauty routines. Whether the party in question is a friend, roommate, family member, celebrity, brand creator, work colleague … you name them and I want to learn more about their product MO

Of course, that curiosity doesn’t depend on the time of year – it’s a 365-day obsession, after all, but I’m particularly interested in what people use and love at the turn of the year. Most of us like to do some tweaking one way or another depending on what our skin or mood demands, and fall especially has something that is especially exciting. To allay that itch, I reached out to one of Sephora’s beauty directors, Melinda Solares, to see what was on her radar as she transitioned from summer to fall. Obviously, due to the nature of her job, she has access to thousands (literally) of beauty products, so I thought it would be especially fun to shed some light on her favorites and what she (in theory) put in my shopping cart. Keep scrolling for their top 10 product picks at Sephora and 10 more products that I’m also excited about.

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