I do not personal a yacht, nevertheless it seems like I ought to be doing it in these bikinis

My summer looks a little different this year: I haven’t planned any international short breaks, all my group trips are interrupted, and now my terrace has become my source to capture that vacation feeling. While sitting in my chairs outside drinking a homemade (and poorly mixed) cocktail, it is an Aperol Spritz in my eyes and I am on board a yacht along the pastel coast of the Amalfi Coast. It’s a bit far and wide from somewhere in Italy, but what at least mentally helped me get there is wearing a chic designer bikini.

As much as I love good business, I also indulge in the beauty of a designer swimsuit. From the luxurious looking fabrics to the unique details, it’s really difficult to go without a chic bikini when the design is right. Right now I’ve loved brands like Mara Hoffman and Oseree who really get it with their prints and fabric choices. Even if I can’t make it to the beach, my swimsuit is sure to be a joy. Below I present 25 bikinis that really bring it up with the luxury vibe. You may not own a yacht yet, but wearing one is sure to make you feel like you. Keep scrolling to check all of them.

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