I can not cease shopping for these sneakers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wearing more and more sneakers since the pandemic. I used to only wear sneakers when my back hurt or when I would run forever. But now I wear sneakers with almost everything. And when it comes to running shoes, I definitely play favorites. This is my third color of the exact same Nikes!

This post is not sponsored in any way. I just love to share products that I’m absolutely obsessed with. And these Nike Air Zoom Pegasus sneakers are certainly one of them. They literally feel like you are hopping when you walk in them. I went black first, then white, adding these pastel colors to my collection.

Buy my favorite Nike sneakers

Aside from the pink swoosh I could have done without, I love that these sneakers are a mix of ivory, peach and lavender. It makes them super feminine and perfect to combine with my spring pastels. I usually wear them with jeans, this is one of my favorite jeans in white. And on top of that, I’ll just swap things up with different colored sweaters. Recently I’ve gotten really interested in cardigan sets like this peach pink cardigan and tank.

Of course, I also wear the trainers with workout clothes. Although I’m not a runner, I took Jack Jack out on long walks and hikes in the neighborhood at least three times a week. It’s so great to get some fresh air … and feel like you’re jumping!


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