I am pulling again into the Juicy tracksuit and Uggs Woman and TBH, I am nice with that

You know them well. Damn it, maybe you were even her. She was in your business class at 9 a.m. – or maybe on the early shift at your summer job – and was strolling 10 minutes late with a frozen latte in hand (which frankly she probably did late in the first place). She walks into the room with a touch of confidence, her head held up under a zip-up hoodie and oversized sunglasses. Is there any makeup under these sunglasses? Is it from last night or this morning? Who knows? Who cares! She is the Juicy tracksuit and the Uggs girl and marches to the beat of her own drum.

To me she was my best friend in college (and to this day) and my God, I really wanted to be her. I aspired to have the kind of confidence that I could roll out of bed, put on a tracksuit, and then stroll into class like I really hadn’t given anything. Unfortunately, I have not. Getting up early for an hour in a row to prepare has been a common theme in my life that has continued from high school to college and into my professional life. That is, until the blocking took effect.

My goal was to feel comfortable in bed at all times, even on my weekly runs to the grocery store.

After home stay orders were placed, “real clothing” became a moot point, and I quickly found myself swapping zoom-fit tops (obviously with mismatched bottoms) for full suit tracksuits. My goal was to feel comfortable in bed at all times, even on my weekly runs to the grocery store. Online shopping spirals resulted in more and more tracksuits being delivered to my apartment, often made of velor, and usually with cheeky rhinestones on the back. I liked the sense of humor inherent in logos, as well as self-celebrating labels like “BABYGIRL” or “PRINCESS” that are embossed all over the tracksuit.

Before I knew it, I found myself in a look that would make Quinn Morgendorffer proud. “Why is Juicy standing on her bum?” I heard a Cool Teen ™ saying behind me on my daily walk. I channeled the self-confidence and the sheer tude of OG tracksuit queen Paris Hilton and shrugged my shoulders. It’s not my fault that they just didn’t get it. This is a you problem, not a me problem. Real people know the appeal of the Juicy tracksuit.

When I asked my parents to send me a pair of Ugg boots for Christmas, my transformation into the tracksuit and the Uggs girl was finally complete. In my previous life, I denounced Uggs as the worst and vowed never to wear them. “They make my feet look like bread!” I would scream in despair. “They’re not even suitable for snow!” However, once I owned a pair, my thoughts changed instantly. Immediately I got the hype – they’re hot as hell, they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, and lazy girls like me can choose to go without socks if we so wish. Who cares if I look like I’m carrying loaves? Uggs were a moment and when paired with my tracksuits they were a whole mood. The girl from Juicy x Uggs from my early years was right all along, and we were wrong ever to doubt her. The days may blur at this point of lockdown, and time is definitely a flat circle, but this iconic combo is very real.

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