Hundreds of thousands of Sky, BT and TalkTalk broadband customers get a large velocity enhance

Openreach says it will ramp up its ramp to up to four million spaces per year with immediate effect, so customers should see faster downloads soon.

“BT is already building more full fiber broadband for homes and businesses than anyone else in the UK. Today we are increasing our FTTP target from 20 million to 25 million homes and businesses to add further value to our shareholders and support the government’s fiber optic ambitions, “said Philip Jansen, CEO of BT Group

“This has three huge benefits: It allows us to work faster and improve our capacity to build fiber for homes and businesses. it allows us to go further and provide more fiber, including in rural communities, and this will help fuel the UK’s economic recovery by improving connectivity and creating up to 7,000 new jobs. “

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