Hundreds of thousands of Sky and Vodafone customers might see extreme broadband speeds, no due to BT

With the television company reportedly poised to announce a new set-top box and 4K smart TV that will deliver the same experience as its satellite Sky-Q box over a broadband connection, internet speeds could become even more important to its business model . With more than double the number of users across the country accessing some of the fastest broadband speeds at home through Virgin Media O2 compared to Openreach, it’s easy to see why Sky might be tempted to land a new deal for its customers .

Of course, it’s not just about what TV is on offer. With millions of people still working and studying from home, the dire state of the UK’s broadband infrastructure has become apparent. The average broadband speed in the UK is 70Mbps … that doesn’t fare particularly well with some European countries, including an average download speed of 211Mbps in Liechtenstein, 191Mbps in Iceland and 151Mbps in Gibraltar.

Video conferencing, boxset streaming on Netflix, photo library backups, music streaming and mammoth update files for PCs, smartphones and video games have put a strain on broadband speeds more than ever. And that’s before a slew of bandwidth-hungry new technologies like 8K video quality, virtual reality (VR) games and applications, and more become mainstream in the years to come.

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