Huawei is ready to unleash its model new Android rival tomorrow in the course of the P50 smartphone launch occasion

Chinese giant Huawei will hold its next blockbuster launch event tomorrow, July 29th, where the company will showcase its Android 12 alternative as well as a brand new flagship smartphone. A few details were leaked in the final hours leading up to the bumper event.

The latest Huawei launch comes a little over a year after its previous announcement of the Huawei P40 phone – and nearly two years since it was imposed a trade ban that banned all American companies from dealing with it. This meant that while the phones were still using an Android version, popular apps and services such as Gmail, Google Maps or the Google Play Store could not be integrated.

In response, sales in the US and Europe plummeted. In 2020, it was a real competitor to Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi and was among the top five smartphone brands. However, Huawei fell dramatically out of favor in the first three months of this year, being overtaken by newbies Oppo and Vivo.

However, Huawei did not accept the ban.

It spent two years developing its own operating system so as not to rely on Google’s Android. The competitor HarmonyOS has already been announced for the company’s two newest tablets in the MatePad range. But one of the most anticipated announcements tomorrow will be exactly how it will look on the phone.

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As expected, the Huawei website is easy on the detail, but boasts that “HarmonyOS unlocks new capabilities in cross-device communication and enjoys innovative features for all-round superior performance with powerful security management.”

Other details of the new phone are few and far between.

The Verge believes cameras will once again be a major selling point. Huawei’s cell phones were one of the first with zoom lenses and night mode. To fuel the rumors, Huawei manager Richard Yu teased on his Weibo page that the phone would herald “a new era in mobile imaging.” Leaked photos appear to show a huge range of rear cameras.

Journalist Ishan Agarwal, who has a solid track record of unannounced smartphones, said today on Twitter that he has received all the details on the Huawei P50’s specs.

He revealed that the new flagship phone will have a 13 MP front camera and a total of 167 MP split between four rear cameras. It will be available in 256GB and 512GB models with 4,360mAh, 66W wired, 50W wireless charging and stereo speakers. However, Agarwal claims the phone won’t use 5G connectivity, which would be a surprising move for a Chinese company.

If its facts are correct, the Huawei P50 could also use a time-of-flight camera. This advanced technology is used to help cameras determine the distance between objects – making it ideal for augmented reality and virtual reality apps and games.

While those specs sound promising – and Agarwal has hit the money earlier – we won’t know for sure until tomorrow at the product launch event. will tune in, so check back tomorrow for the real specs and the inside story.

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