How YouTube grew to become an web video large

With more than 500 hours of uploaded videos per minute and more than a billion hours per day, Google’s YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And its meteoric growth has not let up. More than two billion users visit the website every month.

For Google’s parent company, Alphabet, it’s a significant part of their business. In 2019, YouTube had sales of $ 15 billion. It’s likely to top this year with sales of $ 12.89 billion, up around 24% over the same period last year.

While YouTube has dominated internet video and remains one of the most widely used streaming apps for mobile phones, it is facing increasing competition. Steaming services like Netflix and Disney + as well as social media apps like TikTok vie for people’s attention.

CNBC is studying how the video platform has changed over the past 15 years and whether it can stay at the top.

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