How Usually Ought to You Really Purchase New Underwear?

As an environmentally conscious consumer, I take pride in buying and owning items that are not only good for the planet but are also made to last – whether it’s Tencel dresses, upcycling pants and skirts, or shoes made from recycled materials Plastic bottles.

But if I’m being honest, this ecological outlook has not carried over to my underwear drawer, which is packed with straps, granny panties and cheekiness from all eras of life. Some pairs I wear all the time, while others are decades old. Many are either ill-fitting, frayed, or exclusively banned from the gym.

As I looked at my diverse range of underwear, I began to wonder: How often should you buy new underwear in the first place? And just as important is it as taboo to wear underwear after a certain date? Although a recent viral TikTok recommended replacing your underwear every six to nine months, it seems untenable.

To find out, we turned to the pros: Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper, co-founders of Negative Underwear; Katie Fritts, Founder of Underclub; and Joanna Griffiths, Founder and CEO of Knix. Read on for their expert advice.

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