How To Discover The Ring Dimension: Your Information

Make a game out of it

Suppose you heard that the size of your palm divided by three is the size of your ring finger. Almost everyone feels the need to test these theories! This may seem like a dead giveaway for some ladies and gentlemen, but for those who love a few trivia they might not immediately suspect it.

Send us a picture of your hands

Show us a picture where we can see her hands and let us know her shoe size, height, weight and whether she is left handed or right handed and we can guess her ring size for you!

Choose a ring that can be resized

Choose a ring that is easy to resize (most rings can be – check with your jeweler). That way, it’s not a big deal if you’re a little absent-minded. See below for more information on resizing!

Pro tip: Tend to be taller rather than short – this suggestion is way cuter if she can slide the ring on her finger and doesn’t have to stop at the knuckle!

Things to consider when dimensioning


Our fingers swell overnight, so it is better to measure in the middle of the day.

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