How Tabitha Sanchez designed a whole digital TikTok runway present – with a classic twist

A day in the life of a TikTok star in fashion isn’t all about camera flashes and perfect poses. After working behind the scenes with TikTokers for over a year, stylist Tabitha Sanchez sat down with POPSUGAR to discuss the pros and cons of curating eye-catching looks for influencers and styling the platform’s labyrinth runway finale. Hosted by Frankie Jonas on March 18, the event ended TikTok Fashion Month with a virtual runway show designed to promote diversity, body positivity, and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Oh, and did we mention that the looks are shoppable on the show?

“Because I work in fashion, I know it’s not the most accessible or encompassing space for a lot of reasons. But that changes a little,” Tabitha said. “I think TikTok is changing the way we consume entertainment, especially in the past year, due to COVID. I just think it’s a really fun platform and everyone creates such incredible content in different ways. The visibility The platform that the platform offers is people from all over the world are blowing up TikTok and creating art and entertainment as well as opportunities for themselves and the future that might not have been possible without social media. “

“It was a really fun and important way of showing that you don’t just have to wear new designer clothes to be fashionable.”

Prior to styling the virtual runway show, Tabitha – whose background is in fashion research and marketing – had worked with TikTok clients like Jordan Huxhold, Maddy Crum and Quen Blackwell, which made her job for the event a breeze. “The whole process was so seamless,” she said. “I had a lot of calls with the TikTok team about styling and who was wearing what. Then there were Zoom calls for every look and person … It’s very much a collaboration and it’s fun to do.” Individual outfits for the show were created by black designers Victor Glemaud and Carrots from Anwar Carrots and TikTok creator Joe Ando, ​​whom Tabitha then designed with a vintage touch.

“I wear almost exclusively vintage every day and try to bring as much vintage as possible into my work,” she said. “And I think that’s the difference between celebrities and TikTokers. [TikTokers] are mostly teenagers and they are so depressed that they only wear frugal and vintage clothes. I think it’s really important because of the state of the world and the fashion industry as a whole. For the runway event, Tabitha helped host Frankie Jonas track down a classy look from a vintage archive in Brooklyn called Gabriel Held Vintage, and noticed that it’s one of her favorite online vintage stores.

From the camera’s point of view, the LA-based stylist says that she and her friends who have become friends frequently visit thrift stores and flea markets in search of sustainable second-hand items and vintage clothing to style shoots for Melrose and Fairfax Flea Market is one of her favorite spots to track down eye-catching pieces. “”[Thrifting] It was a really fun and important way of showing that you don’t just have to wear new designer clothes to be fashionable, “she said.” I love sustainable fashion, and TikTok is really great for it, but I get the feeling when a brand says they are sustainable or are using recycled materials. You need to do a little research to see what that actually means. I feel like there is a lack of transparency at times. And luckily, you don’t really have to think about that lack of transparency when you think about thrift, it’s already out of the store. “

Since the runway show, Tabitha has continued to style TikTok stars and even styled some music videos that are currently under lock and key. To witness their work for the Labyrinth Runway Finals, watch WNBA stars A’ja Wilson, Kahleah Copper, Lexie Brown and Te’a Cooper model some of the show’s most memorable outfits here and purchase them in advance for themselves. And if you are looking for more fashion inspiration in the market, check out these TikTok stars’ dream Fashion Week outfits.

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