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Microsoft will finally roll out Windows 11 for some customers on October 5, 2021 (Image: MICROSOFT) This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on all sales we generate from it. Learn more

Microsoft has finally flipped the switch and unveiled its eagerly awaited Windows 11 upgrade to users starting today. The brand new operating system is available as a free upgrade to the 1.3 billion people currently using Windows 10 on their laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Starting today – October 5th, 2021 – some users can download the new operating system. Microsoft today launched its new Surface-branded laptops and tablet hybrid devices, which were developed under the supervision of Chef Panos Panay – who also today oversaw the software redesign in Windows 11. A number of other manufacturers, including Samsung, have already announced new devices that can also be operated out-of-the-box with Windows 11.

Once you are happy with your current PC, the next step is to determine if it is compatible with Windows 11. Microsoft has already created controversy by announcing some pretty strict requirements for any hardware that uses Windows 11 to be able to run Windows 11. Microsoft has updated its Windows Update app. This will now scan the components in your PC and let you know whether your system is suitable for the upgrade. You can check it out now by going to. walk Settings> Windows Update> Check Updates to see if your device is ready for the new operating system.

While anyone with a legitimate copy of Windows 10 is eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 for free, not every computer running Windows 10 can install the brand new operating system, Microsoft has confirmed.

Even if you are eligible for the free upgrade program and your system is powerful enough to run Windows 11, you may still not be able to install the new operating system on October 5th. Microsoft has confirmed that the worldwide rollout will take place from October 5th on “staggered” in order to “focus on quality”. Therefore, it may take a few months for the update to become available in your area.

Windows 11 Release Date Update New Update Buy Microsoft Devices Online Download and install

One of the biggest – and most controversial – changes is the new centered Start menu (Image: MICROSOFT)

This is not uncommon, Microsoft has staggered the rollout of new updates throughout the Windows 10 lifecycle. This is to prevent delays when millions of people try to download the latest software from the server on the same day. However, this also means that should a suspicious bug or bug is discovered early on in release, Microsoft can pull the update before too much damage is done.

With Windows 11, however, Microsoft is extending its release window by months. In fact, the Redmond-based company has admitted that not all Windows 10 devices eligible to upgrade to the next operating system will be able to do so by mid-2022. Yikes You could wait nine months to get your hands on Windows 11. Until then, you will likely need a new computer rather than a software update.

If you missed the initial announcement, Windows 11 is going to give your PC a pretty dramatic new look. The new operating system, which was developed under the watchful eye of Panos Panay – who oversees the Surface hardware department at Microsoft – brings an almost unrecognizable start menu, rounded edges on all windows, six pre-installed designs for customizing the appearance and a new control panel with interactive widgets that can be accessed at any time. During the launch event in June, some of these changes were praised by fans … while others caused trouble.

According to head of design Panos Panay, Windows 11 was developed to convey a “feeling of calm and lightness”. As a result, the sharp corners of Windows 10 have been banned and replaced with softer, rounded windows. The colors are also a bit cooler across the board, although the strong blue that characterized Windows 10 has been abandoned.

Windows 11 Release Date Update New Update Buy Microsoft Devices Online Download and install

For the first time, Windows 11 will come out with a new system of interactive widgets (Image: MICROSOFT)

Transparency has also been added throughout the software so you can still see application windows stacked behind menus – almost like looking through a translucent sheet of glass. Microsoft has redesigned every application icon throughout the operating system – yes, even the obscure ones hidden in the Control Panel. The pre-installed software, including Paint, has also been given a fresh design to do justice to the new aesthetic.

The Start menu has been moved to the center of the screen, which Microsoft says is because you are the center of the experience and the menu should reflect that. Whatever the reason, it looks almost unrecognizable. The shortcuts to all apps and the power options have been hidden. Instead, the main menu is filled with pinned apps and recommended apps. The latter is based on your habits, with Microsoft’s clever AI algorithms suggesting applications throughout the day.

Windows 11: Microsoft teases brand new software update

There’s also a search bar at the top of the new Start menu that you can also search for applications, files, settings, and online results. This replaces the Cortana search box built into the taskbar in Windows 10.

With the operating system running, day-to-day performance should be much faster. This includes your existing PC when you update to the new update, as well as your next device, which comes with Windows 11 pre-installed. Likewise, Windows Hello – which uses facial recognition to sign in to an account – is also faster than the same computer running Windows 10.

Windows updates have been slimmed down by up to 40 percent, which means downloads should be much faster. In addition, devices with mobile 4G and 5G internet connections can keep their gadget up to date while on the move. Updates are also installed quietly in the background.

Microsoft offers a number of layouts for presenting multiple window applications on the screen at the same time. While Windows 10 lets you record two applications side by side, Windows 11 goes a step further. Microsoft generates a number of options based on the size of your screen, so those with more properties have more choices. But everyone will be able to juggle three or four different sized windows.

Windows 11 Release Date Update New Update Buy Microsoft Devices Online Download and install

Snap layouts are designed to make managing multiple windows easier than ever (Image: MICROSOFT)

Called snap layouts, these configurations are stored in memory. So you can jump into Outlook to reply to an email and then go back to three or four applications configured in the same grid layout. When you’ve got everything set up on an external monitor, unplug your laptop and then plug it back in to the same screen, everything will return to its place. This is useful for those who work between the office and home.

Keeping track of your applications will be crucial as Microsoft has confirmed that Android apps will be available on all Windows 11 devices. Whether you’re using a touchscreen laptop, a tablet, or a large, multi-screen desktop PC … you can run smartphone and tablet apps from the Google Play Store. These apps are treated the same as native Windows software, so features like snap layouts work too.

You can even save Android apps to the system tray, although this feature will be available in a future update and not at startup.

Finally, Windows 11 includes some clever software tweaks borrowed from the Xbox Series X team to “create graphics capabilities that rival reality.” Additionally, Microsoft will allow PC gamers to stream dozens of titles from Xbox Game Pass, which includes access to over 100 triple-A video games. Some of the biggest games to hit Xbox, including the return of Halo and Starfield – the newest game from Fallout and Elder Scrolls Studio Bethesda, are coming to Games Pass. As with Netflix, if you decide to cancel your membership, you pay a flat monthly fee to access all of the games, even though you don’t fully own any of them.

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