Home windows 11 sounds very completely different from Home windows 10 … however solely at evening


In contrast to Windows 10, which was characterized by its sharp-edged windows, everything in Windows 11 has soft, rounded corners. After the new operating system was first revealed, some PC owners mocked the software for resembling Apple’s macOS, which has long relied on curves in all aspects of its design.

Microsoft has also taken the time to redesign almost all of the system icons throughout the operating system … something that never quite made it with Windows 10, which, for example, still has a number of outdated icons hidden in the Control Panel. With Windows 11, even the pre-installed Paint app is given a coat of paint, um, paint to match the new aesthetic.

That doesn’t mean that Windows 11 is the same as its predecessor. Microsoft has made a number of big changes to the desktop operating system, including a nearly unrecognizable new Start menu, a menu of interactive widgets, and the ability to install and run Android apps alongside traditional Windows software. However, the latter will not be available at startup as it has been postponed to a later update.

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